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Éminence Organic Skin Care at SKIN TOPIC SKINCARE


Treat yourself to an award-winning superior skin care line that delivers outstanding results using hand-picked organic ingredients bursting with juicy pulp, seeds and herbs. Feel great about feeding your skin using

all-natural professional products without harsh chemicals or parabens.


Éminence Skin Care products and facial treatments, address a variety of skin concerns such as premature aging, fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, pigmentation acne, loss of vitality, tone and texture.  Select a customized Eminence facial from Skin Topic Skincare, specifically created to treat your skin’s needs and let the active natural organic ingredients impart health and radiance to your skin.


All facials are customized for your skin type, current skin condition, skin concerns, skin care goals and are suitable for men, women and teens (12+).  Each facial includes a soothing hand & arm massage with heated mitts for deep moisturizing.




California Classic Facial


Address everyday skin concerns with this facial.  This professional organic facial utilizes a blend of fruits, vegetables and herbs to treat your skin.  Whether your skin is oily, acne-prone, dehydrated, or combination, this classic facial will meet your skincare needs.  You will receive a complete treatment with this facial, which includes cleansing, exfoliation, delicate extraction, a soothing facial massage and a masque; all customized for your skin type.


$115 (55min)



Essential Enzyme Treatment Facial


You must experience this amazing facial to believe the results!  This is the perfect solution to meet your specific skincare needs.  Natural active fruit enzymes exfoliate and invigorate the skin to remove dry dead skin and clear clogged pores.  Powerful ingredients such as AHA’s, paprika, mangosteen & blueberries plus other antioxidants dramatically increase blood flow, which detoxifies your skin and increases cellular renewal for glowing skin.  Receive this facial monthly to keep your skin healthy, toned, and replenished.


$130 (65min)

Care Plan of 5, $625



Men & Teens


All facials listed, are customized for your needs and are suitable for all skin types (male & female), all ages (12+), skin concerns and skin care goals and most skin conditions. Please consult your Esthetician to select the perfect facial for you. 



Erin’s Signature Honey-Cool Facial


This fresh and fun, full facial treatment promotes a clear, and well-hydrated complexion.  After the thorough cleanse, exfoliation, extractions and skin analysis, your skin will be healed and purified with a refreshing honey and lime elixir massaged into your skin.  Cucumbers are then layered on top to serve as a hydrating masque.  Your skin will be smooth, plump and complexion renewed! 


$125 (60min)

Add-on Enzyme Exfoliant $20



Clear Skin Facial


Say goodbye to problem skin and HELLO to radiant and clear skin!  From occasional breakouts to persistent spots and blemishes, this specialized facial will treat and calm your skin.  This treatment offers a deep pore cleanse, exfoliation, skin analysis, extractions for blocked pores and the use of high frequency to kill bacteria. A customized masque will be applied to soothe inflammation and effectively treat oily, congested and/or acne-prone skin. 


$140 (75min)



Acne-Advanced Treatment Facial


This facial utilizes an encapsulated 15% Salicylic Pro Peel combined with botanical active ingredients to offer a proven organic, non-irritating approach to treat and prevent moderate to severe acne.  This deep cleansing, yet healing facial pulls toxins from the skin, removes dirt and dissolve oil. This treatment offers a deep, multi-step exfoliation process. Your skin is prepped for extractions, High Frequency is used to kill bacteria, plus the application of the Acne Advanced Treatment System masque and hydrator to calm inflammation and strengthen the integrity of your skin; promoting a clearer complexion.


(Avoid strenuous exercise and wearing makeup at least 24 hours post treatment)


$160 (80min)

Care Plan of 3, $455



Organic Manual “Microderm” Facial


Look radiant with this hydroquinone-free facial.  Reveal healthier skin through effective botanical brighteners, an enzyme exfoliant, plus this organic pear & poppy seed “Microderm” treatment is equal to one pass of the microdermabrasion machine without the side effects to reveal brighter, and healthier skin.  This deeper exfoliation process is low risk, painless, and beneficial for sun damaged, aging, and acne scarred skin.  


$145 (80min)

Care Plan of 3, $410



LED Lighted-Lift Facial


Red & Blue Light Therapy is a painless non-invasive infrared device used to treat multiple signs of aging.  This breakthrough technology uses light frequencies to promote cell renewal, stimulate collagen, soften fine lines and wrinkles.  The skin will be cleansed, exfoliated, plus skin analysis and extractions, followed by the use of the ELIPSA professional panel by LIGHT STIM, will offer a warm sensation on the skin. Then a hydrating, age-defying masque will be applied.  As this masque penetrates and nourishes your skin, your hands & arms will be treated to a massage.  Followed by the application of finishing products such as toner, serums, moisturizer and SPF, you will experience an instant gratifying glow!


$180 (90min)

Care Plan of 3, $515




Advanced Age-Corrective Treatment Facial


You can relax and we will help you turn back the hands of time by utilizing the spectacular Éminence Organic 15% Salicylic Pro Peel.  These effective anti-aging treatment products penetrate deeper to fight free radicals, brighten the complexion and even your skin’s texture.  In addition to the Salicylic Pro Peel, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Peptides and natural Retinol alternatives will help diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation plus promote cell renewal and improve elasticity of the skin.  Clients in their 20s and 30s may also receive this facial as a preventative measure.


(Avoid strenuous exercise and wearing makeup at least 24 hours post treatment)


$160 (85min)

Care Plan of 3, $455





Refresher Facial*


A great starter facial, or in between your monthly routine for a quick fix. This mini facial includes a customized cleansing, light exfoliation, treatment masque, mini facial massage, and followed by appropriate toner, moisturizer and SPF.


*This facial does not include extractions or heated hand mitts.


$85 (40min)




Back to Basics BACKFacial


Acne prone? Backless attire? This cleansing experience for the back removes impurities and rebalances those hard to reach places. Your shoulders, neck and back are purified and renewed through a deep pore cleanse, exfoliating enzymes, extractions for clogged pores and a custom-selected masque to treat inflammation, itchiness, dryness, oily skin and acne.  This problem-solver facial for your back will give you skin you can be proud to show off. 


$99 (50min)





Inner Bliss Facial


Your cares will fade away as this treatment begins with aromatherapy deep breathing and a mini heated-stone back massage, which will help relieve and ease muscle tension and pain. Then for your face, a customized application of skin-specific cleansers, invigorating enzyme exfoliants to remove dead skin cells and increase your skin’s circulation, plus skin analysis, extractions, followed by a layering of masques selected for your skin’s needs to nourish and enhance your complexion.  After the facial massage and while your masque is penetrating your skin, aromatherapy and heated-stones will be used during your hand & arm massage to extend your bliss.  This facial concludes with finishing products specially selected to tone and moisturize while cool stones glide across your face to further lift your skin and restore your mind.  You will decompress and boost your immunity as you shine from the inside out.


$175 (90min)




Wellness Facial


Give yourself permission to disconnect, re-balance, recharge, slow down and fully experience an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation.  Improve your skin and your life with this decadent treatment which will minimize your cares and revitalize your body by receiving this powerfully relaxing facial.  Enjoy this “everything” facial with all the upgrades. This treatment includes Aromatherapy deep breathing, the Stone Crop Detox Back Treatment with Heated-Stones, the full Essential Enzyme Exfoliant facial, a mini scalp massage with Éminence Wildflower Ultralight Oil, Deluxe Eye Treatment, and Volumizing Lip Treatment. While a customized masque is nourishing your skin, your spa euphoria will continue with the Exfoliating and Firming Hand & Arm Treatment with Heated-Stones.  The application of finishing products such as, toner, serum, and moisturizer, will hydrate, lift and plump your skin.  Then cool stones will be used on your face to soothe and further your calm serenity.  You and your skin will feel beautifully renewed and refreshed, while feeling ultimately pampered.


$285 (120min)

Red & Blue Light Therapy

Add-on treatment to any facial $45

Care Plan of 8, $335




Enrich Your Experience



Deluxe Eye Treatment


Effectively treats the eye area with exfoliating enzymes especially formulated for this delicate tissue while stimulating the lymph to minimize fine lines, puffiness and dark circles.  This is followed by a reparative eye masque to increase elasticity and collagen stimulating eye gels.  Then an application of a peptide infused eye cream for long lasting hydration.

(Paraben, Petroleum & Chemical Free)




Volumizing Lip Treatment


Diminish vertical lip lines and dry chapped lips with this 3-step treatment to exfoliate, plump and moisturize using the Citrus Enzyme Lip Exfoliator, Lip Comfort Plumping Masque, and the incredible Citrus Lip Balm. 

(Petroleum & Paraben Free)

Add-On Facial Peel




Advanced Age-Corrective Treatment for Neck and Decolletage


Often a neglected area, the neck and chest are one of the first places to reveal signs of aging.  Upgrade your facial with Éminence 15% Salicylic Pro Peel to target your neck and décolletage, to restore your delicate skin to a more youthful appearance.




Stone Crop Detox BACK Treatment with Heated-Stones


Impart the benefits of Éminence signature Stone Crop ingredient in a relaxing back treatment.  Featuring the Stone Crop Body Collection, your back will be massaged using the Stone Crop Body oil and heated-stones.  The Stone Crop Body Scrub will follow to awaken and invigorate your skin.  Then the Stone Crop Restorative Body Wrap will be applied to hydrate, soothe, refresh dry skin, and the look of age and sun spots will be reduced.  This treatment will finish with the application of the active and potent Stone Crop Body Contour Cream leaving your back nourished and toned.




Stone Crop FOOT Treatment with Heated-Stones

Massage with heated-stones, scrub & foot masque.


Aromatherapy Detox Foot Treatment with Mini Foot Massage


Stone Crop BODY Trio: Back, Arms, & Feet

Massage with heated-stones, scrub & masque for back, arms, and feet.




Exfoliating and Firming Hand & Arm Treatment

Increase circulation and restore energy to your tired hands and arms with this add-on treatment.  Your skin will be refreshed with an exfoliating scrub.  Then the Éminence Citron Age-Defying Souffle will be applied.  This amazing massage soufflé is rich in amino acids, vitamins, and Zirhafirm; a powerful botanical blend, to visibly firm and lift your skin’s appearance. 




Scalp Massage with Gua Sha techniques Éminence Wildflower Ultralight Oil

Reduce muscle tension, relieve headaches, balance your nervous system and promote hair growth.





Let your senses deepen your relaxing experience with this holistic healing upgrade.



High Frequency (add to facial or waxing service

A small electric current which kills surface bacteria, calms inflammation and redness.



Additional Heated-Stone Treatments

Stone massage encourages blood flow throughout the body and has sedative effects.  Studies show that a heated-stone massage is a helpful way to reduce stress and anxiety, promote deep relaxation, and ease pain and muscle tension.  Cool stones can also be applied to soothe and calm the skin.


·     Heated-stone mini back massage $40

·     Heated-stone arm massage $20

·     Cool-stones facial massage $15




We value your business. Please note our scheduling policy. If you modify you scheduled appointment with less than 24-hour notice, you will be charged a 50% service fee. This fee must be paid prior to booking a future appointment.  A last-minute cancellation or “no-show” prevents us from scheduling someone else for the allotted time assigned to you.  This policy has been enacted out of respect for our clients, as well as, our therapists.  Thank you.





Since opening in 2010, our mission has been for optimal skin health and wellness, excellent service and providing a sanctuary from stress of daily life and lifestyle.   A place to reconnect with yourself through targeted, result-oriented skincare, delivered therapeutically.  We promise to evaluate your skincare needs and goals prior to any service and customize your treatment plan to benefit you.

Skin Topic Skincare’s focus is on professional, backed-by-science, natural organic products, and spa services.  By using Éminence Organic Skin Care we are able to care for your skin and the world by giving back through environmentally friendly packaging, planting millions of trees through their award-winning “Forests for the Future” program.  As well as, The Éminence Kids Foundation is a 501©3 nonprofit dedicated to providing seriously-ill children in hospitals and long-term care facilities worldwide with a supplement of organic foods to aid in their recovery and healing.


Let the power of touch heal, revitalize and balance you during your selected treatments.  Each service is a personalized offering to benefit you and your skin; meeting your skincare needs and goals.   Other benefits of regular facials, include an enhanced immune system through relaxation, improved circulation to help heal your body. Why is it important to heal your body? The side effect of a healthy body is… 

your skin will look amazing!

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